Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Take the Time

It's been a long time since I have posted anything.

At one point I wondered if I should immerse myself in life totally, to just absorb and live.

But I forgot to do one of the more important things which is to reflect and meditate.

As a result I got so caught up in being I got self absorbed and failed to remember that life is not only about the enrichment of self, but a balance of this and giving to the world especially the lives of others.

The mind is a curious and powerful part of us.

When we doubt ourselves it can destroy us, and we be believe in ourselves with love instead of fear it exalts us.

And I over time led myself into self-doubt and have been walking down a path that has weighed me and my spirit down.

At first I thought is was something merely physical, but a holistic practitioner reminded me that we must deal with the body as a whole: mind, body and spirit.

Thus while I heal, I also remind you to take the time to step back and reflect, even if you may not pray, meditate and ask yourself are you fighting a battle without, when you are truly fighting yourself within?

Be blessed, Ameen

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