Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Grant me Grace: the midst

I'm just trying to find the best way to be in this world.

Learning to love, trust and accept others and everything.

To be without hate, anger and fear.

I just want to be the best man and the best human I can be for myself and for those I love.

My path thus far has been challenging.
I have had my ups and downs.

And from my experiences I am just learning to take the best from them so I can be wiser, to help others who come after me.

It is not easy, I have had more times of despair but they have been there to test my faith in not only others but most of all myself.

God grant me thy grace, to be strong and to love more than all that there is.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I always think about right and wrong
I always have
I always try to be the good boy scout
Do the good deeds
Be kind
Hold the door
Go the extra mile

Then there comes the times you get tested
Your goodness is taken advantage of
Your kindness becomes a welcome mat

But at the end of it all
The world is an unforgiving place for the most part

And "goodness" isn't genuine
It, for the most part, with most people
seems to come with an ulterior motive

So what do good people do?
How do we survive?
Do we become embittered and go for revenge?
Maybe or maybe not
But here's the truth,
We all feel
And I would  be lying if I said revenge never crossed my mind
Would it be worth it?
But you energies have to be channeled somewhere and in someway

Trust me when I say
I have lived long enough to see
The evil that men do come back to them
And their suffering is their karma

The sayings are all true
"As you make your bed in it, so shall you lay"
"Do unto others as you shall have them do unto you"

What you give, you will get
That's life

Who you surround yourself with will influence you the most
Their morals will become your life

So what I have learned
We are all human, we feel,
And We must allow our emotions to be felt
Do we act on them
Think always, actions have consequences
And your instincts are very real and also guide you in the right direction if you let them

The truth is, we will all get hurt and disappointed one way or another
And when this happens
We need to get past it not be crippled by it
Never stop moving forward
Grieve while in motion
Take your time, but don't stop moving
Don't stifle what you feel either
Because you will explode or implode

Love is a saving grace
It's not easy
It is a decision
It is powerful
It is courage
It is strength
It is vulnerability
It is grace
It is our purpose

Only if we weren't so battered and bruised by one another to realize it and embrace the fact.

This world is a grand mess,
and in other moments so Beautiful

We're just too caught up in our fears (whether right or wrong)
To see it

But  you know what
We'll all realize the truth and our purpose in time
hopefully in the right time (not sooner or later)

We can only try our best to heal each other and ourselves
With openness, truth and love

That's the only way to function.
To live.
To be.............