Tuesday, June 26, 2012


In life
we are called upon by internal or external circumstance
to confront
our demons
exorcise them
cut them
from our existence
in ways that we may deem right

sometimes we push people away
                                                   because after a time of blind faith
                                                                                                    we suddenly see them for who they are
                                         and we run 
                                                 to save

perhaps there may be something wrong with them and ourselves

                                                             sometimes it may just be us 
                                                                      that we need to fix
                                                   and we cut ties 
                                                        to save them

we're not all brave to stand and fight
or to have the clarity of faith and wisdom to remain
 and heal ourselves 

even whilst trying to heal others

in truth
that time of separation 
seeks to bring to us
      and faith
I have realised that is it at this time that

                                                          the universe
sometimes finds a way of returning us to those we cut away

              because the healing process is not complete until we encounter them again

or maybe we don't need them to heal, perhaps all we need is time
                                         and to forgive ourselves 
                                                                           and let them go
                                              in unconditional love 

I don't know really
I just write what I experience

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


one step 
to two
at a pace to a jog

breathe in from the mouth
out through the nose
building a rhythm
left to right leg

moving right to left arm
pelvis hips
lift off
push jog

breathe bro
in through the nose

legs hurt
deep breath
fat the fuel
electric the fire
combusting muscular
heart pumping
harder harder

sweat running
as fast as my legs
the water
the salt
throat dry
the hydrator

the lights flying by
running walking talking
past me, opposite me
slowing down
focus bro
almost there

the pain
the cramps
all in the mind
just in your mind
let go
lift your legs
let go
open your mind
open your heart
open your soul
to the energy within an around

you're almost back to where you've started
the end is where you begin
to see
you can make one more
when you do that
you know you can go three

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Your Love

It is the light
Cutting through the darkness
The warmth and comfort
When the weather storms and the rain so cold

It is the forgiveness
When all seek to condemn
It is the sheath o'er the blade
And the support when all else falls away

It is the undying faith
When the mind can no longer think
and mine eyes no longer see

It is the science, the magic,
the spiritual, the prayer
Cosmic, eternal and beautiful, unconditional
and in this short life so rare

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Circle, Cycle, Chains

It seems I'm in an infinite loop
Going in cirles in my mind
Although I know you're poison
I still search for you to find

A hope that you could give back
what I allowed you to take away
But in my heart
It can never return
I don't have the faith you can change

Yet why is it so hard to bleed you out
get you out of my veins
You're a stain on my soul
A scar on my heart
this cycle goes round, again and again

I'm so scared to have love now
but I must gather the strength to move on
to shatter these chains ingrained in my being
to lift myself out of this hole
to have faith, to be strong once more