Monday, May 27, 2013


I could feel the fear rise and subside
As if it were breath, In and out
To understand it was to understand  myself
What was my love, what was my doubt

And the more I was in silence with myself
And prayed
Questions became answers
And I was no longer slave

To self-doubt ,fear
and the dark
I was born to embrace myself
the light, faith, hope and love
from the depths of my heart

Thursday, May 16, 2013

At the Dawn of the Morn

At the dawn of the morn
I slipped back into sleep
To dream a dream of you
Your love I feel through
And through

I’m in spaces and places
That I’ve never been before
You call me softly into yours
And  kiss with a passion so pure

So sure

And time stands still once again
Doubts that lingered
Melted away
You were here now,
Our embrace renewed 
Our soul old vow

And as fleetingly as the dream came
My consciousness pulled me back
I wish I could have remained
But I’m left to find you
On this earthly plane

The sun glows through the curtains
And unwillingly I awake
One day we will come upon each other
One day we can have a chance at together

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

As the Lightning Danced Across the Sky

As the lightning danced across the sky
The melody of her voice swirled around me
Calmed and soothed by her softness
Enchanted by her Beauty

In that moment time stood still
Lost in her eyes
As the lightning danced
Danced across the sky

The flower of my soul
After so long has unfolded
The wall I put up
Broken down and melted

I rise and I fall
I'm awake, I'm alive
I thought I died once before
But my heart did survive

She sings 
and my being soars
What soul can ask for more