Tuesday, March 26, 2013


All of these songs
all of these words
all of these feelings
begin to unfold

All that I knew
I have to unlearn
because to love you means 
to love myself first

For I didn't think myself enough
And I searched my soul to find
That unconditional love for myself was the key
To bridge my inner divide

It is a decision
a commitment without doubt
with my whole being
mind, body, heart and soul can't be apart

Now as I breathe
and with my blood aflow
all is in unison
life in harmony glows

So I commit now
to walk off the ledge
I fall 
so that I will catch myself

In the arms of love
and upon the wings of faith
soaring upon songs of heaven
brave to be open again 

Committing to myself
and now committing to you
let my words be my prayer
let my life be Truth 


Self discovery is an ongoing task.
And although it's done for yourself, 
It doesn't happen by yourself

As humans we are creatures who exist with a purpose,
And that purpose can be realised through and by many ways

We are each crucial to our self discovery and evolution,
as beings divine and cosmic

We by ourselves have great power,
but for all that the power is,
it is inspired by the world in and around us

That is why the more positive our actions are to ourselves
and the more positive people we surround ourselves with
the stronger we will grow and also the stronger they will be as well.

We were not put here just for ourselves
but for each other.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

moving On

I've seen you before
But I haven't seen you for real
Now that we're here one on one
Let's see what soul and chemistry reveal

Your scent is enchanting 
It's lingering long after you've gone
Your smile remains on my mind
You laugh on repeat like a song

We've both had a past 
Human experiences revealed 
Their pain hovers over us
Making us afraid to love and feel

I'll walk the line with you
I can be your shoulder
We'll see what our hearts and minds show
And it'll hopefully help us to get over

To move on and beyond
From the lies and betrayals that clouded
To look forward to life
and open ourselves without fear, unbounded

Monday, March 18, 2013


Things in the dark eventually come to light

Souls burdened by the body, in death take flight

As the sun exists the day emerges from the night

The blind can see through their heart's benevolent sight

In as much as fear holds, hope can still remain

It is the ember in the coals needing only a breath to flame

Holding on to the past can only doom to cycles of thought insane

Remember you were born to be more than you are, remember you can break the chains

We are flesh and spirit 

On a journey to edify our souls

For this is only a beginning 

There is more to unfold

Friday, March 15, 2013


Change comes to us in many forms.

Both consciously and unconsciously.

We live it, it doesn't just happen to us.

We are change, by our very existence.

And that is in itself a powerful realization.

For some of us believe that the world happens to us, that life happens to us.

But by our being, collectively the world and the universe unfolds.

And the manner in which we live; through our thoughts, words and deeds, determines how we contribute to change.

Death is inevitable and unpredictable, but we have a choice over how we live through all of our actions.

You can either be selfish and take, or generous and give.

And in giving you can either do so positively or negatively.

So it is up to you, what kind of change are you going to be?

How are you going to define your destiny?