Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God and Goddess

A confessed love too quickly
This maze of emotions sway me

Searching to rationalize what she said
I know the truth but so much tumbles in my head

I am happy and a bit sad
walking this line I have

For she’s my friend and my guide
Beautiful, strong, vulnerable and wise.

She’s a woman, a goddess, not yet realised
She will be all she needs for herself, her true love she will find

She speaks to me, a man, a god yet to be
She  said “Don’t rush into love,  give only who show they are worthy.”

Not many women who call themselves my friend have given this advice
How blessed am I that she has been able to give of her heart of hearts and this wisdom provide

I can see why my confession was rushed
The god saw the goddess and gave their love and trust.

But our bodies and minds still hesitant and afraid
I offer a prayer to wait and be brave

Who knows if she may be my soul mate, or a kindred spirit in life
I believe we were friends in incarnations before
I believe all will be revealed in time