Tuesday, March 23, 2010




These are the words
that come from my heart
to my mind

Seeing your face
In this chaotic place
Makes time stop for a moment

In this momentary eternity
I know that
Hope is still alive
Deep inside

You may or may not be
The one possibly the only
But from our glances
There must be something blissful, holy

Maybe be can sit and chat a while
I’m loving your laugh and smile
And your words and thoughts captivate me
Like not many have done before

It’s a shame that our time was short
But life is as such
We’ve come each other’s way in a coincidence
And I’m left with a heartfelt crush

This I don’t mind
Cuz I’ve grown to know
that life is a river
And I’ll just move with the flow

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the depraved umbrella

His umbrella may have been depraved
But it weathered his travels
Through the storms and the rain
Through the unforgiving heat of the dry season
It stood and sheltered

Held by steady, caring hands
The umbrella though torn
Remained resilient
Bequeathed to him by those who didn’t care for it
It was his faithful companion
From south to north and back
It sheltered him like the hand of god over his head
And gave him the solitude to ponder his writings
and his journey in life while he walked
The world would look at him in amazement
“Why he doh get ah new one?!?!”
“Is cheap he cheap?!?!”
Yet he could not be all the more wealthy
For his heart and soul were ever radiant
Giving to the world more than they knew
For he wrote and spoke the hidden truths of our hearts
And in his wanderings he learnt more about humanity
About its despairs, about its hopes and dreams
He connects those who wanted to be heard
With those who would listen
And in the joy of connecting people
This became his reward and his own blessing
In the depraved umbrella
He realized the divine
And that the imperfect was perfect 
and sublime