Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let Go

What is this I feel under my chest
Weighing me down like a granite vest
Clouding my mind
In haze smoke and ash

Holding me in doubt
Keeping me in distrust

You have come to me a blessing
You, my love 

And I am being held and shackled
By my own self, my own emotion
Drowning in an ocean
Of my own creation
As thick as oil it would seem

The more I write
The heavier I feel
I could only wish to release myself from this

I feel like I'm a burden
I have to reteach myself to love
Without childish fears and jealousy
I think it is the guilt of it which plagues me
and my discomfort with it as being human

I can't dwell in this fear any longer
and I will not
For with you I desire to be happy
with you I desire to be more than whole

My being: shed the shell, veil and shackles of the past
To dust and ashes they must go
From my rebirth may my love be reborn
The flame in my heart now burns anew 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Pray

I pray for love
Like I pray for life
for one is nothing without the other.

And when love has come as a blessing to hold you and envelope you in the heart and soul of God, 
do not stop praying for love.

You pray for love to keep living within you.

So you can open your heart to love yourself and others equally.

For it is as much as you give of your heart, 
you will receive from the heart of others.

Trust your heart and your soul to the world.

And although insecurity may exist due to fear, 
let not these fears overwhelm you 
and prevent you from giving your whole heart.

Let your emotion flow forth, 
like the wellspring of life flows from this world.

May it be eternal and fearless 
and may it be just as you are.