Wednesday, June 22, 2011

only so much

There is only so much that the heart and soul can go on bleeding
There is only so much that the body can go on needing
The mind then overcomes desire and the memory of rapture fades
A lover no longer loving, forces the other to fall away

Logic spiraling downwards
Karmic reactions pervade
The pebble into the pond of life
It’s ripples are tidal waves you can’t escape

The depths of ourselves  have been shaken
And neither of us could comprehend
How could we do this to each other
Our truths were not our friends

There’s a chasm created
And a hole in our souls survives
Could god bless us with understanding?
Could we one day become wise?

The confusion of it all has hurt us
We did not mean for each other to feel this pain
But being true to ourselves is important
That’s why I could no longer bleed and remain