Monday, September 16, 2013


Being present in my mind now
With all that I face and feel
I know now what to let go of
I know what is real

I must let go of doubt
Pain and all the forms of fear
That cloud my heart and mind
I must face them with courage
and understand their nature to find

Where my strength and faith lay within my soul
Love is a power stronger than all
Anger can only betray our hearts
By its venom we all will fall

Jealousy reflects our lack of trust in ourselves
And the peace we have within
I know now to be patient with myself
And Love myself if I truly want to Live.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


For all in this world becomes clear
When the being chooses love over fear
When the spirit hopes, rather than be in despair

When we trust ourselves
More than doubt
When we know
Instead of overthinking to figure out

Let our choice be happiness
For ourselves and those who with us abide
Let our choice be to live
And not to hide

For we are born of light
And it is the light we are born to impart
For the light is our happiness
And the happiness the unconditional love in our heart