Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here I am and Here I remain

Its a French phrase that has always resonated with me
"J'y suis, J'y reste"
"Here I am, Here I remain"

Take the below verses for instance:

"I am here waiting for you,
In this moment my mind and heart
float amongst your flowing thoughts and passions

I remain ever admiring your being
You add some more reason for existing
Than just the day to day mulling over
of just job and vibe"

Its a phrase that has symbolized I guess patience, faith,
and also a reminder, that if you need me I'm here.

Here to be your shoulder, here to be your friend in conscious mind and passionate heart.
Not as a false friend, but admiring your courage, what you stand for and your life.

And by "You" I mean all who I consider friends and who consider me the same.

We all need to be inspired and in so doing inspire others but with the genuine passion and love that only true friendship can provide.

So "Here I am, Here I remain" for better or for worse, forever your friend.