Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We feel overwhelmed at times by the rushing tides
Where once the path so clearly was seen
Is now covered by the deep, the unknown
Spanning the divide of our mind

So perilous and dark it may seem
turbulent, churning, dark waters
From our darkest dreams

We can tread this unknown
And seek to discover the darkness of our souls
Where the shadows keep warm and abide
Where the light does not bother to be
So far on the other side

Why fight the current and flow
Cross the shadows
Free your mind of fear,
And let go

For the light and darkness
Came from one
Let the waters carry you into the unknown
Take the plunge…

From there you can learn of yourself
And listen to the silence of the deep
To know the side of life you hide from
under your covers while asleep

Free your mind of fear and let go
let the darkness come to light
and the unknown become the known
to learn to fathom the depths
Of the eternal ocean….
Your soul

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Treasures of the Past

We should not live in the past
But remember the treasures that we found there
The treasures that inspired us
That lifted us to become more than we are
Which have enabled us to be here at this point
A time which we could not have seen then
But which our hearts yearned for

And our eternal souls knew of

These treasures are words
Sounds, scents, moments
Fleeting and Enduring
Good and Bad

We return to them
And sometimes they to us
They connect us to the universal soul of this world
They connect us to a confluence of lives which lift us up
And in turn we lift them

These treasures are in fact
the very things that make our souls dance

Our hearts soar
Our minds at peace and our bodies whole

They are the blessing of a mother
The hug from a friend
A cough drop from a concerned worker
Those little things

Remember these treasures
Remember the peace they brought to you
And how they lifted you up

So that in your time of trial
you may draw from this

“easier said than done” may come to mind
but cast that phrase out

draw from these moments for they
these treasures of the past have not left you
they abide in your heart
as the energy of the universe abides in you

give peace from where peace is given
and make peace from where chaos may seem to dance
for chaos gave birth to a dancing star
and the dancing star eventually gave birth to us all