Monday, May 17, 2010

In Your Arms

I see not your face in our embrace
Yet I know you
So dear and close to me
To my heart

You hold me and I melt in your arms
and fall into you
Your warmth envelops my being
And I know that I am protected
and safe with you in your arms

But by the mischievous rays of the sun
I am called forth from my dream
And you fleet away from me
I just pray that you could have stayed

Then I awake to the day
Still covered in your bliss
So much overwhelming emotion
And not even a kiss

I go about my day
I know who you are
You may not feel the same way
But I love you from afar

Strange that I feel this way
It was probably building inside
For sometime
Within the time of my thoughts
You send a message asking if I’m fine

I’ll reply in kind
with a smile
my soul called to you
It asked the universe if you would be mine

And bless the stars
I get hello
I guess this is the introduction
I was looking for