Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poui in Bloom

Poui in bloom,
Pink and yellow flowers scattered in the breeze,
In my memory I am searching for you,
But you fly away like the blossoms of these trees

You were there with me at my side
Just a short time before
You held me close and kissed me dearly
But you don’t any more

You say that I’m too attached
And that my affection pushes you away
But I keep giving though I don’t receive
The depth of my pain grows with each day

I’m numb now, and it feels like we’ve grown apart
You fade more and more each day
And so I see the fractures in my breaking heart

You’re not the same person I first kissed
There is only emptiness where there should be bliss
I’ve lost the love who held me at first sight
I’ve lost the promise you gave me with your eyes

the view from my heart

People may speak about their first love or their second or their last
but I prefer to look upon each love as a love unto itself
unique in itself
having no comparison
no equal and no other
they are the only eternities we have in our mortal lives
for they touch through our hearts to the depths of our immortal souls

within from without

This poison within has festered from without
Now it borrows deeply coursing through the veins of my soul
I’ve changed my mind many a time
But never in my life have I been as lost as this
I’m adrift without a sail, without a rudder
Just holding onto my heart and my soul
Up and down I go
I just want to catch my falling self
Up and down I go
This turbulence of being
This turbulence of stress
Looking within, I say let it go
Praying within, I say let it flow
Crying within, I see the cracks
Bleeding within, I know I can never go back
I can never go back to the man I once was
I need to walk forward to the man I must become