Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm here for the moment

I am left to look to the sky
Seeing dark clouds
but the rain drops won't fall upon me

My soul feels thirsty and
My heart is dry
Can the love I desire and need, edify and quench me?

I've sifted through the layers and folds
Seeing with time the barriers that I put up and hold

But to live I'd need to pull them down
I know one day she'll be there to help me down
From this solitude of my Soul

I've walked alone for a while
and learned to breathe
I've lost my way in a dark place
and understood what it meant to feel

But some fears they still reside
I've overcome so much yet I still hide

Memories of those brave moments
seem so far from me in my time of need
May be I just need to stop recalling the past
and in myself for once believe.