Monday, January 17, 2011

Eyes Can Speak

If only eyes could speak
The truth it would reveal of our hearts
When your gaze met mine
Our souls entwined in our thoughts


As the waves crash on the shore,
Another is being born in the sea.
The tides move to the beat of my heart.

My soul resonates to the sound of thee.

Yet I feel helpless to run the devil 
and path the deep blue sea.
Would I? Could I ask God to make real,

what my heart feels is meant to be?

Brought to tears, by selfish fears 
and in the end I know I need to tame this wanton resolve.
Grant me the patience to wait, 

and the strength of faith to let go, 
let love and live life above all.


Throughout this world,
Trials of the heart, mind, body and soul pervade.

The being shields itself from fear and pain, 
shrouding and veiling itself in many ways.

But to hide away from life, 
is not the reason we were made. 

We need to open ourselves to the world, 
with love unconditional, trusting and brave.

Strong Enough

I wish I were strong enough to be your man
I wish I could heal the hurt that you hide inside
I wish I could know the fears that haunt you
So you could open your heart
But I know this would take time

But circumstance came, 
And our choices were made,
Even before that things started to fizzle and fade

It just took that night
And the burden of what came before
My inexperienced heart
and what you held inside for so long

So much still left unsaid
So much we have to reveal
but we may have rushed into things
when we may have needed to be apart to heal

I'm sorry for what separated us
But I'll cherish the time we had
My love still burns strongly for you
I hope in time we can regain what our passions began. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

I hope

I awoke to see her head upon my chest.
Her eyes were open looking into mine. 
We did not speak. 
Yet in the silence of her heart she said to me "have no fear, nor any worry,
 I trust you and I believe in you".

I felt calm then. 

For on the outside, a world of uncertainty awaited me. 
All the self reliance I had and that I used as my pillar of strength, 
it was slowly beginning to crack and my steps beginning to falter.

With these my faith waned and I found myself a prisoner of my circumstance, 

which no man wishes to become. 
But in that moment she gave me faith.

Just then I awoke. 

I was in the opposite position on my bed, 
with my head to the wall and the sun to my feet.

I wish the dream did not have to end, but it had to. 

Although I wished I had more time with her, 
I couldn't remember her face, 
yet I felt her calming presence with me.

I think this angel was sent to inspire me. 

To let me know that there was someone out there who has an unconditional faith in me.

In the exact same way I feel the same way about her.
I hope we can at least cross paths one day. 

I hope she's real.