Monday, February 4, 2013

Return Myself to Me

I'm biding my time here
God helps those who help themselves
but I fear helping myself too much
contriving the coincidence to touch
only to build a blight to make me fall
further away from you angel
when I've fallen so much already

Should I really draw myself closer though?
I don't think I'm worthy of you
You are already being
and I am building myself to be
Someone alot more whole
Someone alot more free

I'm refining myself
because I am not enough
I once was someone who you might see
I once was someone so free
a spirit who danced upon waves of light
A poet who wrote under the stars of night

I could lay upon the ground
and speak to the earth
and the trees would hear me
and the winds would blow
such balance existed once
but I lost myself, I lost the pieces

Now I'm figuring out
the reasons for why I stopped believing
I know I'll return myself to me
hopefully you might still be there to see