Friday, July 12, 2013

When do you know.....

When do you know...
What is it that turns this knowledge wise...
What sets it apart from the rest of times. ...
Can you step back and look with unclouded eyes?

How do you know?...
Is it the way you look into her eyes. ...
The way she's close to you and you realise...
She is the only one in this world. ...
No one can take her place by your side. .....
My soul it whispers her name and smiles....
My heart is so proud it sings...
There is no doubt in my mind...
My body unwinds. ...
And I am alive... but not head over heels.....
Love flows so naturally. .. I don't need to be healed...for this love is real.

When do you know?....It's when you decide.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sometimes I type the words only to erase

I wonder what truly matters
Although I truly know already
Because we are all born knowing
One way or another

We know because we hesitate
And think about our actions
At least the sane ones do

And this hesitation comes from our own learning
and creation of barriers that hold us 
 They often start without
And works its way within

We all start off, conceived in knowing
Conceived in love
But in our birthing and baptism
We are forced to learn away from the truth of this knowing
The truth of our souls

But in us,
for us who are not inclined to follow
Always burn questions
Thus we seek to learn the answers
And unlearn the untruth

But this is a struggle in a world of lies
A world of flies
And so many have died
in blissful unknowing
With the blood from their soul flowing

I do not wish to be in that comfort of many
For I would not want to die
To die
Living a lie